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What do I get for my monthly membership?

The IR Energy Subscription includes the following benefits:


  • Education to assist any industry with information for Wellness, Business/Project Management, and upcoming technologies with allowable personal  and commercial rights.

  • Free email support

  • GUARANTEED Business Tradeline of $10,111 included.

  • The fee for the IR Energy service is $1,111.11 annually.

  • Monthly reporting to multiple business credit bureaus of your account activity with us (for details, see the question titled "What information do you report on my business?").

  • One-Time $25 Application/Activation Fee

What information do you report on my business?

The credit bureaus have minimum reporting requirements that include but are not limited to your company's unique account number, business name, address, and phone number, as well as your current account balance and overdue balance amounts.

Every company reporting can also include additional optional data, and we provide this information because we want to ensure that other prospective creditors have a full picture.

We also report your terms with us (NET-30, NET-60, or NET-90 days), your credit limit, the average number of days it takes for you to pay your invoices with us, the number of "trade experiences" (each transaction counts as a trade experience, so each regular monthly membership payment and each payment on your credit line counts as an additional experience) we have had with you. The more data we share, the better bureaus can properly assign various scores it uses to provide ratings to other creditors.

What is the difference between 30, 60, and 90-day payment terms?

The most important distinction between 30, 60, and 90-day payment terms is how long you get to pay your invoices from the date they are generated, so the longer the better, as long as there are no fees or interest charges associated with having longer terms (some creditors do operate this way). Prospective creditors view the terms you have received from other creditors. This may be favorable to acquire higher limits for business funding/new business accounts and evaluate your business history. Generally, the longer the terms, the less risk you will be seen as non/failure to pay.

Why is your program so economically-friendly?

We want you to succeed!

The service was designed to help establish and expand your business credit history. 

We know this is a valuable service for any new business owner, existing business owner or for anyone who has experienced the struggles of trying to build business credit on their own. 

I was once a small business just getting started and recognized the importance of needing good business credit. Intriguing Residuals will not sell you overpriced merchandise you do not want/need or be a distraction that prevents you from focusing on growing your business.


How long does it take before you start reporting my account to the bureaus?

We report on the first business day of each month.

Can I change the program I signed up for?

In the future, as more plans are available. You will not be able to change plans but will always have the option of cancelling and choosing a new plan, but we will not offer the option to change plans.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, you can earn $100 per referral. This is paid out every quarter.

Sign up now.

What if I decide I want to stop participating in the program?

If you decide to discontinue the IR Energy Subscription, we understand.

The only change for you is that we will no longer report any new information about your business.

**Remember that payment history does go "stale". What does that mean? Most creditors look at how recent your trade experiences are, and they may give less weight and consideration in their scoring model to trade experiences that are not as recent as others. This is something other services out there might not tell you about, but it's an important factor to consider before deciding whether or not to cancel your subscription with us. The choice is always yours.

You can cancel at any time.

Simply email with your cancellation request.

Upon receiving your cancellation request, the $10,111 No PG tradeline will be reported as "Closed" for your business.

  • If you paid annually, you will receive a partial refund (within 10 business days) for the months you did not use our service.

  • If the full amount is disputed, for any reason, your credit line will be immediately closed, and the balance owed becomes due immediately.

If the balance is not paid in full, the amount owed can and will be reported as closed in our database after 180 days, and your account will be sent to collections.

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